Second service foundation team

Meet Our Leadership

Megan Di Giovanni

Digital assets manager

Megan is a mother, Army spouse, educator, and designer. She cares deeply about creating functional and beautiful products that help people and make an impact.


Megan has a background in education, having taught for seven years as an English teacher. She transitioned to serve as a technology integrator for Chesterfield County Public Schools, where she led a team of fellow technology integrators. She provided instruction and assistance to teachers integrating technology into the academic environment, and specialized in the use of educational software and applications. Megan is also a Google Certified Trainer, having delivered monthly professional development sessions, and presenting at regional and national technology and education conferences.


Megan is passionate about working with small businesses and nonprofits to turn their vision into reality. Megan understands the personal challenges that face the military community, especially military spouses who struggle to find meaningful and fulfilling employment while moving every few years.

Military Spouse