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The Second Service Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports military entrepreneurs through coaching, resources and capital, as well as an innovative mentorship program.

Our Mission

Inspire & Educate

The Second Service Foundation Speaking Team is dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and educating military connected entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country. Contact us to find a speaker that works for your next event, conference, or professional development activity. Your business success is our goal.

serving Military Entrepreneurs

Our Community

There are approximately 2.5 million veteran-owned small businesses in the United States, representing 9.1 percent of all U.S. businesses and employing nearly 6 million Americans annually (SBA, 2017). According to a recent study conducted by Syracuse University’s Institute for Veteran and Military Families, the three most common challenges veteran entrepreneurs face are limited networks, difficulty developing mentorships and access to capital.


The Second Service Foundation’s programs solve all three of these challenges. It’s our mission to create opportunities for these veteran small business owners through inspirational success stories, educational content, mentoring, coaching, networking events and grants to provide a boost of financial support to grow their business.

Second Service Foundation

Speaking Topics

How to Pitch: Improving Your Presence and Your Impact​

Do you know how to sell your business idea to leave a lasting impression on a crowd of eager listeners? If you were caught in the elevator with Daymond John or Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, would they want to know more about your business? Perfect for the early stage entrepreneur, learn from Lauren Hope, Executive Director of the Second Service Foundation, on how to perfect your elevator pitch (a 30-second overview of yourself and your business) as well as a more in-depth presentation to guarantee your confidence in any situation.

How to Pitch: Improving Your Presence and Your Impact

Have you already perfected your elevator pitch? Are you looking for more nuanced techniques to advance your pitch skills? Learn from Mark L. Rockefeller, Founder & Chairman, and Lauren Hope, Executive Director of the Second Service Foundation, on how to build an inspirational story arc within your pitch. An innovative and brilliantly subtle technique that will leave your audience captivated with your story, rooting for your success, and asking how to join your cause. Perfect for the ambitious beginner to the seasoned pitch competitor, this course will refine a public speaker’s skill set and give you strategy to rewrite the game.

How to Move Your Business

You’ve poured your heart into your small business or nonprofit, and —for one reason or another— now your family is moving. Along with packing all of the boxes, do you know how to pack your business? Join Lauren Hope as she outlines the practical ways you can keep your business booming from one state onto the next adventure.

The Art of the Pivot

Venturing beyond our comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable. However, we are called beyond our comfort zones many times throughout our lives, whether to learn a new skill or transition into a different professional role. Navigating new territories is inevitable, but how you choose to pivot determines future success. Join Lauren Hope to learn the strategies for seamless pivoting.

We Can Do Hard Things

The way we speak to ourselves and others becomes a mantra. Lauren Hope, Executive Director of the Second Service Foundation, frequently reminds her team that they can do hard things, encouraging confidence and determination in the face of any situation. You can do hard things too, whether it’s starting a business or expertly pitching to your ideal investor. Join Lauren Hope as she reminds you of the greatness that is within each of us if we dare to live confidently.

Career Transitions

Your “first service” was in service to our country, whether you were the servicemember or the partner holding down the fort. Your “second service” is just for you, the opportunity to choose what brings you joy and be your own boss. But how do you successfully transition into your second service? Join Lauren Hope, Executive Director of the Second Service Foundation, as she outlines how to master the transition from service to success.