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Introducing Our National Military Entrepreneur Pitch Competition Finalists

We are excited to announce our 2023 National Military Entrepreneur Challenge pitch competition Quarter-Finalists! Our Quarter-Finalists will be joining us at the Military Influencer Conference in Las Vegas, NV, where they will have two minutes to pitch their business to judges. If selected, they will move on to the Semi-Final Round, and the chosen few from there will go on to the Finals. Four will compete for the Grand Prize of $15,000 in start-up capital, along with $50,000 of in-kind legal services generously provided by our partner, Holland & Knight LLP. 

Quarter Finalists

Necho Goins of Healthy Eating Tools

Taylor Wells of Shellback Survival Systems

Kristopher Williams of Felis Leo LLC

Deed Ziegler of RecPak

Alan Parvis of GOFASTER, LLC

Daniel Lyle of Muscle House Enterprises LLC dba Drivewayz Transportation Services

Scott Taylor of Black Diamond Collections

Robert Wiltz of The Connect

Sloane Tilley of E-Sentience, Inc. DBA DIA

Wendy Hively of Charliemadison Originals 

Karen Thomas of Venture Out Wellness, PLLC

Cassia Connors of Flok LLC

Chris Wingate of

Amy Schweizer of Tiny Tot Sports, LLC DBA Tiny Troops Soccer

Paden Sickles of SickFit LLC

Steve Buchanan of TDY RENTALS

Franco Lopez III of Veterans’ Vanguard LLC

Stephen Morel of JurisDeed

We would also like to announce our returning MEC Semi-Finalists. These are the 2023 Semi-Finalists who participated in our regional MECs but were not the overall winners. Due to their experience with our regional events, they are automatically in the Semi-Final Round. We are excited to have them back with us! 


Kayla Corbitt of Operation Child Care

Randy Lenard of GearSwap.Shop

Neil Shrubak of Ligiteco

Jaden Risner of Family Proud

Joe Naumann of Teraloom

Mock Abdelaal of Velos Labs

Edward Esteron of E3.AI Digital Technologies

Martha Schoenewe of Tangent Tees

Austin Carrigg of Exceptional Families of the Military 

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