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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Evie King

Evie King is the 2023 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year®, selected for her significant impact in the military community through her advocacy on military spouse health and wellness through InDependent, a nonprofit organization she leads as the president and first executive director. 

Evie stumbled onto InDependent after googling “Military Spouse Wellness” while she and her husband were stationed in South Korea. With a full-time job and supportive husband, she knew her life looked idyllic. However, she was disconnected from her community, isolated, and unhappy, and it was taking a toll on her body, mental health, and even her marriage. She began reading about InDependent’s mission and program, and felt relief at the realization that she was not alone.

InDependent was initially started by other military spouses as a blog to address the issues of isolation and lack of support in the military community, but over the years, it evolved into a standalone organization focused on connecting military spouses to health and wellness resources. InDependent provides support in mind, body, community, and purpose for military spouses’ overall wellbeing, and offers a variety of programs and resources. Their popular InDependent Wellness Summit has attracted over 10,000 military spouses since its inception in 2015, and, despite being a fully volunteer organization, InDependent has made a significant impact and continues to address the diverse challenges faced by military spouses.

Being a military organization does present its own set of challenges. Volunteer turnover and the unpredictable nature of military life can disrupt the flow of business, but Evie and her team have implemented specific strategies to mitigate these challenges, including clear communication protocols and prioritizing the well-being of their team members. Under Evie’s leadership, team member wellness is the number one priority to ensure their needs are met and they feel supported. 

Because of her work, Evie was selected as a Semi-Finalist to participate in the Military Entrepreneur Challenge pitch competition in May 2023. Competing at the Military Spouse of the Year® Week in Washington, D.C., where she won a $1,000 grant on behalf of InDependent.

Evie’s commitment to bettering military spouses’ lives is an inspiration, and with her leading InDependent, she is empowering other military spouses to step into wellness, health, and fulfillment. By building out a platform that tackles the distinct hurdles military spouses encounter, she is encouraging living life to the fullest under any circumstances. Evie’s advocacy showcases the significance of community, support, and holistic well-being in fostering the success of military spouses.

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