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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kate Horrell

Kate Horrell, the 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Bolling Air Force Base Spouse of the Year, is the founder of Kings High Media, which shares personal financial content, such as blogs, articles, and webinars, for military and veteran personnel. Kate has also created a Confidently Prepared™ Life Binder, an asset for both military and civilian families during times of emergency. The Confidently Prepared™ Life Binder allows for families to document every aspect of their lives, easily categorized with subjects such as Documents, Education, Financial, and Insurance (to name only a few!). This Binder is perfect for ensuring all family members or friends can step in at a moment’s notice to keep the household running smoothly in the event of a trip, deployment, or emergency. 

The Confidently Prepared™ Life Binder was created after Kate’s husband was called away to report after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Having just moved to the area and her husband gone, Kate had to ask her new neighbor to watch her other two young children when her baby required an ambulance ride after a fall onto concrete. Though everyone was fine and the neighbor became a friend, Kate recognized the need for an all-in-one folder that outlined emergency contacts and details, especially within the military community. This Binder keeps all of your important documents and information in one spot, with guidance for anyone who needs access. 

“My long term goal is I want every military family in America to have this binder in their possession,” says Kate. “What I would really like to do is have big nonprofits pick this up and help distribute it to the clients that they’re serving so that we could ultimately put this in the hands of everyone, even if there may be a financial barrier for them to purchase it for themselves. This would be an incredible resource for senior command to be able to offer our more junior soldiers.”

Kate was selected as a Semi-Finalist to participate in the Military Entrepreneur Challenge pitch competition at the Military Spouse of the Year® Week in Washington, D.C. in May 2023, where she won a $1,000 grant. Kate’s plans for the grant from the Second Service Foundation are to employ more military spouses, as well as attending conferences, whether military, media, or financial planning. The main goal for Kings High Media: to grow and gain recognition in the financial space. “I would like us to be the company that people think of when they need this kind of content,” says Kate.

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