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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Neil Shrubak

Military Entrepreneurs Challenge participant Neil Shrubak pitches his small business to the judging panel.

“People don’t start their businesses to do the business-support tasks. Nobody starts a business to do accounting, to do payroll, to shuffle records from one app to another,” says Neil Shrubak, founder of Leuenhard Co. and its latest business app, Ligiteco. Ligiteco is an all-in-one business management tool designed to ease the burden on business owners who spend the majority of their time handling business-support tasks, and find themselves buying more and more apps in an effort to find reprieve.  

When Neil was in the Navy, he held a variety of nicknames, one being “Matrix Man” for his ability to easily create complex systems to simplify the work of his coworkers. His favorite story is during a time in Afghanistan when a team of six worked on a single effort for four days to complete a complicated task, yet even when it was finished, it was riddled with mistakes. Neil created an all-in-one tool that cut the manpower to just two people, and the task was finished in three hours. His coworkers called this tool “black magic,” and encouraged him to look into designing a real-world app for businesses. 

“It’s a tedious, lengthy effort, because to take the complexity away from people, you need to shove the complexity somewhere into the black box that does the black magic, and the insides of that black box are very complex, so there are literally thousands of pieces and compiling them is a tedious task,” says Neil. Though this process is intricate, he seemed to do it with ease, focused on giving small business owners their time back. “It is done, it’s tested, it’s working.”

Neil participated in 2023’s first Military Entrepreneur Challenge after being chosen as one of the Second Service Foundation’s nine Semi-Finalists. He walked away with a $1,000 grant, which he plans to utilize for marketing since the product has already been built. 

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