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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nawras Taffal

Nawras Taffal the founder of Young Engineers of America shakes hands with Mark L. Rockefeller, Founder of the Second Service Foundation.

Nawras Taffal is the founder of Young Engineers of America, with the purpose to empower engineers of all backgrounds with different social and educational programs. Currently, he is launching a program specific to the veteran community. 

“We are trying to … come up with a more innovative program that would fit the needs of those veterans and this highly developing area that we live in, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and all that,” says Nawras. 

Nawras currently works at the Pentagon alongside military personnel as a civilian federal employee for the U.S. Army. Like for Young Engineers of America, Nawras leads a group of engineers in his day job. He was recently invited to the first Military Entrepreneur Challenge of 2023 in Austin, TX as a Semi-Finalist on behalf of Young Engineers of America. He received a $1,000 grant from the Second Service Foundation. 

“The program is for a great cause,” states Nawras. “It’s going to help veterans succeed in their professional life and also in their normal life as well. So I think that’s crucial to them and the economy as well because veterans contribute to 10% of our economical growth here in the United States. We’re supporting veterans and that’s our mission.”

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